Ask the Gracious Ladies: Romance the New World

Hi Mrs. K and Miss E,

What are some great dating ideas/suggestions?  Going to the movies, getting dinner at a nice restaurant, picnic in a park, etc. all seem like a luxury of the past.  What are some fun activities we can engage in as couples?Thank you!  Your handbook is awesome and I look forward to future posts and advice!


Dear Yoonas,

First of all thank you so much for reading our humble guide to the feminine arts in the new world. I’m so glad you have found our advice so instructive. With survival shelters so packed and the outside word so unsafe, it’s hard to find private time to spend with your paramour. Alas, in the new world romance has taken the backseat to mere subsistence!

Regrettably, I know your problem all too intimately. For example, two years ago I was engaged to a man who was taken down by a pack of ghouls whilst picking Valentine’s Day flowers for me. Sadly, that was only the second worst Valentine’s Day of my 28 years.

However there are ways to create a special evening using the resources and space available to you. My recommendation is to build yourself a blanket fort somewhere in your survival shelter where you will not be disturbed. Light candles and scatter flower petals to set the mood for your amorous intentions.

If you are wealthy in a hard-to-find commodity – as I am in toilet paper– this is a good time to use your treasure to negotiate special favors. For instance, you could get a candlelight picnic meal prepared and served to you by your fellow survivors. (But be sure to tip generously! 20% of a roll of toilet paper is standard. )

I plan on putting my own advice into practice whenever Mr. Young Jr decides to start courting me. For now it seems he’s still getting his bearings in the new colony. Mostly he appears to be interested in drinking Mr. K’s homebrew while playing darts with Mr. Wade and Mr. Silver. But I believe I saw him smile at me over dinner last night after I passed him the salt and pepper.  It is so charming when they play hard to get!

Affectionately yours,
Miss E

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3 thoughts on “Ask the Gracious Ladies: Romance the New World

  1. yay! thank you for answering my question! blanket forts are so fun and a great idea to “escape” for a little while. but now that you mention homebrews and darts, creating fun activity games and making beer could be dates in itself… woo!

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