How to Maintain Your Mental Health in a Zombie World (Hair Masque Recipe enclosed!)

Last Monday, after one of my famous epic workouts, I started to clean the gore out of my hair. While applying my monthly hair masque (recipe included below), I started to wonder…. how do we clear out the metaphorical gore inside of our heads? This set me into some deep thinking. What about our mental hygiene? How to we make sure our thoughts are as glossy and moisturized as our tresses? Whoops, I’m mixing metaphors again. In other words, how do we remain cheerful inside when things get really dark?

As you all know, maintaining mental health is so critical in our current post-apocalyptic landscape. In a world teeming with cannibals, marauders, rapists, and packs of rapid dogs (not to mention undead reanimated corpses), it’s easy to feel a bit depressed here and there. That is why I’ve outlined three strategies that help lift my spirits when I’m feeling a little blue.

Look for Silver Linings in Everything – Search for the positive side of everything. For example, there is no more traffic! As an LA native, this is quite an upside. Find your bliss whether it be no more bills, credit reports or pesky in-laws. I recommend you make a list of your favorite post-apocalyptic things to keep on hand when you feel disheartened.

Sweat the Little Things – Feeling anxious? Throw that nervous energy into something meaningless! For instance, when I feel anxious I enjoy planning elaborate tea parties. This gives me something to obsess about so I don’t have to think about real problems, like how we are all going to make it through the winter.

Repression is a Good Thing – Stuff your feelings down somewhere deep inside and never acknowledge or express themAnytime you start to feel sad about what happened to you and everyone you know, exercise some self-judgement. Additionally, try to discourage other people from commiserating with you. Having to listen to other people’s sorrows will make you feel awkward. Who wants that?  Just stick to small talk.

Use these three tips and I guarantee you’ll crack a smile and feel better in no time. Oh! That reminds me, here is my recipe:

Miss E’s Homemade Hair Masque Recipe
1 egg, whipped
1 Tbsp oil (olive, almond, Vitamin E– pretty much any kind will do)
½ tsp of lemon juice

Whip together and leave in your hair for 30 minutes. Shampoo and condition as usual.  Now try to get used to looking this fabulous!

Your Ever Psychologically Sound,
Miss E

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