Miss E’s New Year’s Eve Pop Quiz: Will you thrive in 2025 or just survive?

As we all know, 2025 is upon us.  It has been nearly six years since the great panic of 2019. It is time to ask yourself the question – are you merely surviving the zombie apocalypse, or are you thriving? Take our quiz to find out.

Q. During your survivor group’s annual Easter egg hunt, a horde of nasty ghouls interrupts the festivities. What do you do?
A. Panic and scream “SAVE THE CHILDREN!!!”
B. Leave the rest of the group to worry about the children, grab your go-bag and make a run for it solo.
C. Launch a well-coordinated attack effort. You’ve been running drills everyday so this is no big deal.

Q. Finish this sentence: “A lady should always….”
A. Take small, dainty bites and cover her mouth with a handkerchief when she coughs.
B. Shoot first, ask questions later.
C. Be able to kill a zombie one-handed with a spatula …. without burning the soufflé!

Q.  What is the #1 quality you seek in a potential husband?
A. A great sense of humor.
B. A pulse.
C. A dead-eye shot.

Q. You’re looting a house – what items do you look for?
A. Why would I ever loot a house? I’m not a criminal.
B. Canned goods and ammo.
C. Let your fellow survivors look for canned goods and ammo; focus on finding toilet paper and beauty products!

Q. True or False:  clothes make the man.
A. False. What counts is beauty inside not outside.
B. False. Fashion is superfluous in a survivalist setting.
C. True. Sartorial survival is all part of my strategy!

Mostly A’s – Dead as a doornail
You are a disgrace. How did you get by so long? Have you been living in a military bunker? 

Mostly B’s – Survival Snooze
You, my friend, are merely surviving. Sure, you’ve made it this long but tell me the truth – are you having any fun?

Mostly C’s –Fashionably flourishing
We tip our hat to you! You are not only surviving, you are thriving in the new world. Welcome to the Gracious Ladies society!

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