Make 2025 Your Best Year Ever with these 5 New Year’s Resolution Ideas!

Want to make 2025 the best year ever, but are having a hard time coming up with the New Year’s Resolutions? Below are five great resolution ideas that will help make 2025 work for you!

1. Kill at least one zombie per day – Be creative with it and journal your progress! Challenge yourself by using different weapons or methods each time. This year I’m making a scrapbook of my kills so I can track all of the interesting ways I exterminate those pesky undead.  After all, variety is the spice of life.

2. Find a husband and help repopulate the planet – Obviously, as an unlucky spinster, this is always the number one priority for me. My strategy this year is to stockpile medical supplies and other toiletries in my secret hiding place to add to my ever-growing dowry. That way, when an eligible gentleman comes along, I’ll already have a veritable pharmacy to attract his attention. As they say, first comes a substantial dowry, then comes marriage, and then comes the baby in the baby carriage!

3. Master a new weapon Why not make 2025 year that you polish your ninja skills? For Christmas Mr. Wade fashioned some Chinese throwing stars from scratch! (Such a thoughtful gift, although I wish he hadn’t melted down so much of our silverware to do it.) Sure a rifle may be my go-to weapon, but it is good to challenge yourself to develop new skills. I’ve now devoted an hour a day to mastering it.

 4. Gain that last 10+ pounds – This is a classic goal for many of you whose bodies never fully recovered their pre-panic plumpness. Never fear! In order to regain that attractive round shape, try to move as little as possible while adding as many calories to your diet as you can. Side benefit: this extra padding will not only make you more attractive, it’ll help you withstand famine longer! Just try to imagine that each 10 pounds you add to your frame adds an additional month to your life expectancy.

5. Travel less – One of my goals in 2025 is to stay at home in and around my survival shelter as much as possible and avoid the often dangerous life on the road. Who needs to see new exotic lands filled by interesting marauders and reanimated corpses?

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Resolvedly Yours,
Miss E

3 thoughts on “Make 2025 Your Best Year Ever with these 5 New Year’s Resolution Ideas!

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