Strange Brew and Sweet Wine: Cocktail Parties for the New Age

We havebeer covered tea parties, holidays and birthdays but so far we have neglected perhaps the most important social gathering of the post-apocalypse: the cocktail party.  In a world full of zeds, rabid dogs, cannibals and Miss Petersen, who doesn’t need a drink sometimes?

Of course, hard alcohol is a bit more difficult to make than wines and beers* so there are no true cocktails to be had.  However, once a month Mr. K taps a new keg of his homebrew and we throw a party to celebrate.  Below are my suggestions for a sophisticated yet drunken time:

  •  The Designated Guard:  Remember in the pre-panic days when we had to decide which of our friends would be the designated driver and did not get to have a good time that night?  We still do that, only now that person is on guard duty all night making sure no undead guests crash the party.
  •  The Food:  For me, cocktail parties are all about appetizers.  Miss E’s tart can be served alongside other finger food favorites such as deviled eggs, cheese puffs and the classic chips and dip.
  • The Drinks:  I’ve already mentioned Mr. K’s homebrew, but I also make my own dandelion wine and hard cider.   Wild yeast is surprisingly easy to produce yourself. There’s even a strain of yeast produced when canning vegetables.  It produces a fine beer but makes your sauerkraut taste terrible.  I also make sure to have a refreshing punch on hand for the designated guard!
  • Décor: This is the only kind of party I throw where the décor is the least of my worries.  The festive tablecloths always get covered in dip and drinks by the end and no one ever appreciates the perfectly picked centerpiece.  I recommend dim lighting and dark colored linens.
  • Hangover Brunch.  We stick to a modest but nutritious mix of grains, fruit and eggs for breakfast on most days but the morning after a cocktail party, Miss E and I whip up omelets, pancakes, sausage, bacon (or some kind of meat), fresh juice and coffee with cream.  Nothing brings a group together quite like a delicious meal and the empty promise to “never to drink like that again.”

So enjoy yourself, and drink to those we miss and those still with us.

Very truly,

Mrs. K

 *Our dear Mr. Laramie perished in a still explosion just two years ago.  We all swore off the hard stuff after that.

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