Mr. K’s Top 12 Late Night Sing-Along Songs

The only thing missing from Mrs. K’s excellent guide to cocktail parties is the grand tradition of drunken sing-alongs.  Below I, Mr. K, have compiled a dozen of our favorite songs to belt out at the end of the night:

  1. Is That All There Is? by Peggy Lee
  2. Waiting For the End of the World by Elvis Costello
  3. You’re Gonna Die by William Shatner
  4. End of the World by REM
  5. Party at Ground Zero by Fishbone
  6. They Are Night Zombies!! by Surfjan Stevens
  7. Bad Moon Rising by CCR
  8. Until the End of the World by U2
  9. End of the World by Skeeter Davis
  10. Farewell Ride by Beck
  11. Goodbye Blue Sky by Pink Floyd
  12. The End by the Doors

There are some great stories that go along with some of these songs but Mrs. K has asked me to refrain from telling them here.   What’s your favorite?

My Best,

Mr. K

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