Mrs. K’s Guide to a Zed-Free Valentine’s Day

Miss E has already shared with you the single ladies’ guide to Valentine’s Day.  And while her ideas are certainly interesting (but not endorsed by yours truly), I am here to offer those of you who are paired up some ideas to make Valentine’s Day special.  Below are a few of the ways I plan to celebrate with Mr. K this year:

A Romantic Scavenger Hunt: This year I have devised a romantic scavenger hunt for the Governor.  He’ll follow clues (written on homemade paper hearts) around the house that will lead him to…

An Indoor Picnic: It’s too cold to have an outdoor picnic (and the constant threat of a zed attack will ruin the mood).  An indoor picnic is a great alternative.  All you need is a blanket, a bottle or two of (unsalted) wine, dinner for two and my special heart-shaped cupcakes for dessert.

Quick tip: Heart-shaped cupcakes are easy to create by inserting a small, washed pebble (or marble) between the cupcake pan and liner before filling with batter.  The small indent from the pebble forms a heart-shaped cupcake!

Paper Flowers:  Mr. K is not much for crafty pursuits, however, as no flowers bloom in February around these parts, three years ago Mr. Silver taught him how to make paper flowers.  Every year since, the Governor has presented me with a bouquet of folded flowers (always tiger lilies, my favorite!).

Homemade Valentines: Mr. K and I always exchange handmade valentines.  It adds that personal touch to the day.  With no way to print photos these days, I keep all of our old valentines in a scrapbook along with other important mementos so we have a fun record of our life together.

Valentine’s Day might be a holdover from a more commercially driven society, but sometimes it’s just nice to give yourself an excuse to tell the people you love how much you care.

Very truly,

Mrs. K

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