Chicken Pot Pie Makes Everything Better

The other ladies and I have been keeping ourselves busy with laundry, Mr. Anderson’s funeral arrangements (perfunctory as they may be) and general housekeeping duties since Sunday night’s attack.  And I am preparing my famous chicken pot pie for dinner tonight.  I have found it to be the best post-attack meal.  Something about the hearty meal just soothes everyone’s nerves.

While some of the details about the undead attack are still uncertain, the ladies and I have put together a fairly clear picture for bits and pieces extracted from the men as they have rotated out of the conference for sentry duty.

Let me explain our guard system briefly.  We station one guard on each floor, walking the perimeter of the house. The second floor guard can pick off any zombies that are headed our way from above.  The first floor guard is mostly for marauders and cannibals who prefer the classic breaking and entering route.  When a larger than usual group of zeds is spotted, the guard raises the alarm and we all grab our weapons.  No one goes outside unless absolutely necessary.

Mr. K would be glad to go on and on about roof access options, positioning, securing windows, etc. but frankly I find all that rather boring.  Suffice to say, it was a solid defense system that had served us well.

Unfortunately, it seemed that Mr. Anderson, who was stationed on the first floor, saw a few zombies very close to the house and decided to be the hero.  He went outside to exterminate the ghouls, clearly underestimating their numbers.  Mr. Silver saw nothing and only raised the alarm when he heard Mr. Anderson’s calls for help.  The consensus seems to be that there is a blind spot on the west side of the house.

The ensuing fight was fairly quick but we had a close call when Mr. K and Mr. Lacombe went outside to dispose of the bitten Mr. Anderson.  Three zombies attacked from close range and they had just an axe and machete for protection.

Tomorrow there will be parties sent out to look for zed nests and work to be done to improve defenses.  For now though, a hearty meal and good company are our best defenses.  For really tough battles, I even serve the pot pie in individual bread bowls and with a little extra love.

Very truly,

Mrs. K

4 thoughts on “Chicken Pot Pie Makes Everything Better

  1. Glad you are all ok. What sort of wall or fencing are you using to slow them down? Do you have wire set up to trip them up and slow them or perhaps a pit? If you are staying in one place for any length of time it’s a good idea to set up some outer defenses to slow them up a bit.

    Do be safe. And do you have the recipe for that chicken pot pie? I’ve got a hankering for some myself.

    • Great question Mike! We have been constructing a fence around our current shelter, however building supplies are in short supply so there is still a gap (although that is sure to change now). Thanks for the other tips, I’ll pass them along to the Governor. Oh, and my pot pie recipe will be posted tomorrow! ~Mrs. K

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