Post-Apocalyptic Raiding Is Easy as 1, 2, 3!

One of my areas of expertise is in raiding. Perhaps all the time I spent as a teenager shopping at the mall and silently sneaking in and out of my parents’ house has finally come in handy. Looting and raiding knowledge is a fantastic skillset that any survivor group will prize highly.

The Virginia Territory: you might see an apocalyptic wasteland; Miss E sees a golden opportunity.

The Virginia Territory: where you might see an apocalyptic wasteland; Miss E sees a golden opportunity.

While others may see a ghoul-infested apocalyptic wasteland, I see a land of opportunity. And you can to! Raiding can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. Here is how to do it:

1. Keep a detailed map of your raids-Detail where you went, what the dangers were and all of the supplies you couldn’t carry. Make sure to use a SECRET code so that your fellow survivors can’t find your stashed valuable supplies. You don’t want to provide your group with a veritable treasure map to all of your booty if you possibly can. Indispensability is all part of my survival strategy.

2. Be silent and invisible as possible- Traveling by bike is best because it makes very little noise but is faster than walking. Also, be sure to bring your quiet weapons – no guns or anything noisy! I prefer my machete for these types of clean, quiet kills. Wear muted colors to avoid attracting attention. Zeds aren’t the only danger out there; there are cannibals and bandits at large as well.

Quick tip: Just in case, I always wear my favorite red lipstick in case I happen upon a potential husband! There are more than one type of booty, I always say.

3. Prioritize – Remember, don’t get greedy! Loading too many supplies into your backpack will slow you down into zombie bait. Just take what is most valuable to you at the moment, stash what isn’t immediately necessary in a good hiding place, and note the rest for later.

Wintertime is always best for raiding because the cold makes zombies slow down significantly. You can bring a trusted friend, but I always prefer to do the raiding on my own. You know what they say, the greater the risk, the greater the rewards.

May your pantries and arsenal always be fully stocked!
Miss E

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