When the Zombies Get Too Close: Mrs. K’s Guide to Packing Up

While Miss E has been helping the men locate new real estate possibilities and the rest of the men have been busy fortifying our defenses at our current shelter, I have been organizing and packing our belongings to get ready for the move so everything is ready to be transported to our new shelter as soon as we find it.

It may seem premature to be packing up items before a suitable new home has been found.  However, our survivor group has lost vital items in moves before because of disorganized packing and a rushed exit.  Now it is group policy to start packing as soon as it has been determined that we need to find a new shelter.  This way we are ready to move as soon as possible.  Below are a few of my tips for efficient packing.

  • Always have a ‘go bag’ ready for those times that you need to get out immediately.  We have mentioned this before, but it always bears repeating. My go bag has my travel crossbow, mittens (my hands are always cold!), a can opener, snacks, toiletries, a small recipe book, and three sets of underwear.
  • Take this time to separate out items that you don’t really need.  Of course there are non-essential items that you will keep forever (the beautiful guitar I raided for Mr. K comes to mind) but moving into a new shelter gives you time to think about items that you can do without.  I have a simple rule, I separate out all the items that are neither useful nor sentimental and then go through at the end.  Maybe a enterprising raider will find it one day and treasure it!
  • Start packing off-season clothing and other seasonal and non-essential items first.  Make sure everything is nicely labeled, just in case you do need that teapot one more time before moving!
  • Leave the arsenal to pack last.  And don’t forget your labels!  A weapons room is the heart of any good shelter.  Make sure to keep yours intact until right before you move out of the current shelter for good.  You never want to be caught without adequate firepower; safety first!

I hope these tips help if you find yourself in a position to move.  I do hope that the scouts find a new place soon. Last night we could hear dreadful moaning outside our gate all night.  As much as I love this quaint little house, I do hate to miss my beauty sleep!

Very truly,

Mrs. K

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