The Gracious Ladies have hit the road!

Dearest readers,

Well the colony has had to hit the road once again. Next Monday we’ll explain the reasons for having to abandon our plantation home and head west in a great hurry. (Spoiler alert: it wasn’t the zombies made us flee.) So far we haven’t found a home and Mr. K says it could be weeks before he is ready to  hunker down for more than a day or two. Those of us who survived the upset — and there were casualties! — have been huddled together in our tricked-out school bus that we keep on hand for these unfortunate fight-or-flight occasions.

So far, our road trip across the Virginia Territory has given us some fresh perspective on how to both thrive when “on tour” so to speak. Mrs. K and I are looking forward to sharing our practical insights with you in the coming weeks.


Miss E

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