Happy Easter from the Gracious Ladies!

Happy Easter everyone! Aside from a few difficulties caused by being on the road, we plan to celebrate as usual.  There are a few in our survivor group that adhere to the belief that celebrating Easter post-panic is in bad taste now that the dead have actually risen.  However, we will take any excuse to have a big meal and a little fun so we celebrate, but in a mostly secular way.Zombie bunny

The focus of the day is always the Easter egg hunt.  Easter egg hunts are great activity.   The kids love it and it promotes good hunting skills. Here are a few tips for a successful egg hunt:

  • Choose your spot:  This is especially important when you are on the road like we are.  Make sure to hide the eggs only in a small and fairly open area.
  • Anything can be an egg:  Do not discouraged be if you don’t have all the right materials; we have learned to improvise!  I mean, who has plastic Easter eggs these days?  This year we’ve used film canisters we found rattling around the bus but you can use almost anything from cigarette packs to empty pill bottles!
  • Use the best treats:  The kind they can really use.  Instead of candy we fill the “eggs” with survival items such as Band-Aids, buttons and sheets of toilet paper.

Easter dinner may be a little on the skimpy side this year but the hunt will go on!  And besides, we have a little dandelion wine we’ve been saving for the occasion, so the grown ups will have a good time too!

Happy hunting,

Mrs. K

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