Ask the Gracious Ladies: How to Siphon Gas like a Lady

Image by vudhikrai,

Image by Vudhikrai

Dear Gracious Ladies,

Thank you two so much for your invaluable advice to navigating the complexities of the post-apocalyptic life with poise and elegance. I have a particularly tricky question for you. How do I siphon gas like a lady? So often I get gas in my mouth, making my breath less than kissing-sweet. Can you help?

Gassy Gal

Image by Salvatore Vuono

Image by Salvatore Vuono

Dear Gassy Gal,

We are currently on the road so I empathize with your struggle completely. Siphoning gas is such a painful reality for a modern girl on the go.  With our current school bus, we have to fill up fairly frequently, which makes the road trip progress very slow, especially considering the occasional wrecked cars in our path that we have to move along the way.

But back to your excellent question about siphoning gas. If done incorrectly, the process can be messy, highly flammable and worst of all, highly unladylike. For those of our (amateur) readers who are not sure how to siphon gas without using your mouth,  please click here for a great demonstration by SinsinCincy.

In addition, I’d like to add a tip. While most people tend to go after the large SUVs and trucks, I have found it is nearly always better to siphon hybrid and ultra low emission vehicles. While the tanks may be smaller, they tend to be filled with more of the fuel, simply because others never think to siphon them first!

And remember the cardinal rule for siphoning: pinky up ladies!


Miss E

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