When all of the Convenience Stores have Already been Raided: How to Find Junk Food

Inviting, isn't it?

Inviting, isn’t it?

As those of you long time readers know, as a single girl looking for a husband I take my figure very seriously. In order to maintain my fashionably zaftig figure (skinny is so pre-panic!), I am on a strict 2,000+ calorie diet.  Therefore, I have to take extra care while eating on the road to ensure I get the nutrition I need to fight off both the zombies and the menfolk!

As stated previously, on our current road trip across the southwestern part of the Virginia territory, we have to halt pretty frequently to siphon gas. It’s a chore, but it gives us an opportunity to go scouting for new supplies.  As your resident expert in raiding, I thought I’d pass on a few tips to you readers.

As you all know, all of the grocery, pharmacies and convenience stores are almost completely raided with the exception of  sour cream & onion chips which are frankly gross and do not belong in the modern woman’s diet.* Therefore, you have to be more thoughtful in your approach when looking for snacks.

Here is where to look for the best junk food:

  • Liquor stores– most of the alcohol has been raided, but no one remembered to take the party snacks!
  • Break rooms in office buildings – But be sure to bring an ax to get to the goodies in vending machines!  Make sure to check the drawers of the cubicle desks too, that’s where folks stashed the snacks they really didn’t want others to steal.
  • Fast food joints – Amazingly, I have found that many of the fast food places along the road have had generators which have kept the freezers on for years. For that reason, we have been enjoying all of our old favorites lately. It’s not food per se, but it sure tastes good!
  • Big Box store backrooms and basements – Sadly for the dearly departed, most people in the early days of the panic forgot the importance of being thorough in their raiding. They took everything from the store shelves, but forgot the treasure trove of items in the back. Learn from their folly!
  • Ethnic grocery stores This really only applies to you urban dwellers, as there is not too much diversity in moonshine country.  However, many Korean, Indian, Chinese , and other small grocery stores are STILL full of delicious and delectable prepackaged snacks simply because many people targeted the bigger groceries during the early days of the great panic.

Mr. Wade recently came across an entire crate of moonshine, which has made our trip a little more fun. Remember kids, always drink moonshine responsibly: never ever drink and drive a school bus!

Your Salty & Sweet,
Miss E

*Mrs. K would like our readers to note that she takes issue with this sour cream & onion chips are her favorite snack. A debate over this issue eventually led to us not talking for several hours.

2 thoughts on “When all of the Convenience Stores have Already been Raided: How to Find Junk Food

  1. This is a very important guide for those of us writing zombie novels. And, quite frankly, it`s fun to read. I`m sorry if it seems you`ve broken off your blogging here, but I enjoyed it while it lasted!

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