Keeping it Spicy with Miss E

I prefer to stay on the sunny side of the street most of the time, but I must say that one of the worst things about living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland – perhaps even more than zombie breath — is the distinct lack of refrigeration. Sure, if you have a generator you can get a few hours of chill, but the lack of consistency means that food goes bad much quicker. And nothing ruins a nice dinner party like the taste of moldy venison!

I take a lot of pride in my cooking, so finding ways to spruce up overly ripe or spoiled food is an everyday challenge for me. I have found that adding an inordinate amount of spices to each dish really helps mask the flavor of over-ripe meats and vegetables.

Miss E's Spice Collection

Miss E’s Spice Collection

Here are my tricks to keeping your pantry stocked with spices:

1. Toast ‘emGot old dry spices during your last raid? Toasting your spices on a skillet wakens up the flavor.

2. Grow ‘em – outside, inside or even in your basement garden!

3. Hang ‘em – Take bunches of your herbs growing your garden and hang them near the fireplace. This makes it easy to grab a handful when you need to cook. Also, it makes the room smell nice.

4. Salt ‘em – Salt your meat, poultry and fish to keep it fresher longer. Be sure to rinse thoroughly before serving!

Full of sugar, spice and everything nice,
Miss E

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