Mrs. K’s Guide to Dinner Party Etiquette

We have just returned from our first dinner party with our new survivor group. The head of the homeowner’s association, Mrs. Glenn, had us and a few of the neighbors over for dinner. It was such a lovely evening getting to know our new suburban community (even if the potatoes were a little overcooked). It also gave me a chance to use my foolproof method to being the perfect dinner party guest:

  1. Do bring a gift. It is rude to show up empty-handed when invited to someone’s home. Of course, since we’re just settling in, our options for hostess gifts were limited. Luckily we were able to scavenge some acorns that we roasted and tossed with one of Miss E’s famous spice blends.
  2. Do ask lots of questions. Nothing makes a dinner party more awkward than long lulls in conversation. That’s why I always prepare a short list of questions to ask the host when the conversation starts to lag. People do love talking about themselves!
  3. Do not drink too much. Miss Peterson was famous for this, rest her soul. We could not take her anywhere! Plus, it’s important to remain ever vigilant in case you must defend yourself from a pack of zombies or cannibals looking to have a dinner party of their own.
  4. Do compliment the food. No matter how bland Mrs. Glenn’s chicken is.

Follow these steps and you should be a hit at any party! The community block party is coming up in a few weeks. I can’t wait to show off my own party-making and chicken roasting skills!

Happy hosting!

Mrs. K

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