The Gracious Ladies have hit the road!

Dearest readers, Well the colony has had to hit the road once again. Next Monday we’ll explain the reasons for having to abandon our plantation home and head west in a great hurry. (Spoiler alert: it wasn’t the zombies made us flee.) So far we haven’t found a home and Mr. K says it could … Continue reading

Mrs. K’s Guide to a Zed-Free Valentine’s Day

Miss E has already shared with you the single ladies’ guide to Valentine’s Day.  And while her ideas are certainly interesting (but not endorsed by yours truly), I am here to offer those of you who are paired up some ideas to make Valentine’s Day special.  Below are a few of the ways I plan … Continue reading

Funeral Etiquette for a Zombie World

Mr. Young Sr. has finally kicked the bucket and died this morning of black lung at the ripe old age of 68. While I can’t pretend I really enjoyed his endless mining stories, I do have a lot of respect for his persistence. He is the oldest person in our colony—possibly the oldest living person … Continue reading

So Sorry, So Sweet

Here’s my recipe for apology cookies.  Miss E is starting to come around and I credit at least 60% of my success to these sweet little treats. Makes 3-4 dozen  Ingredients: 1 cup butter, softened 1 cup white sugar 1 cup packed brown sugar (You can substitute white sugar mixed with a little molasses if … Continue reading

The Art of the Apology

Miss E has expressed already her feelings on the outcome of our glitz pageant.  While I stand by the decision made by my fellow judges and me, I also recognize that I need to make amends.  Since the outcome was announced, Miss E has spent her days hunkered down in the barn.  Mrs. Federlin has … Continue reading

Ask the Gracious Ladies: Birthday Cake Edition

Dear Gracious Ladies, I live in a safe house with a small group of survivors, and we have a birthday coming up!  I would love to make a cake or other delicious, fancy dessert for the surprise party, but my recipes from the old days all involve electric mixers and many ingredients.  Do you have … Continue reading

Mrs. K’s Holiday Baking Wisdom

Dear readers, Over the next few weeks we will be devoting some time to our favorite holiday crafts, recipes and entertainment tips.  Today’s topic is baking! Miss E may prefer the rush of ransacking houses and fighting zombies (and other ladies) on Black Friday for the hottest gifts, but I prefer the more personal touch … Continue reading