Mrs. K’s Guide to Dinner Party Etiquette

We have just returned from our first dinner party with our new survivor group. The head of the homeowner’s association, Mrs. Glenn, had us and a few of the neighbors over for dinner. It was such a lovely evening getting to know our new suburban community (even if the potatoes were a little overcooked). It … Continue reading

Keeping it Spicy with Miss E

I prefer to stay on the sunny side of the street most of the time, but I must say that one of the worst things about living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland – perhaps even more than zombie breath — is the distinct lack of refrigeration. Sure, if you have a generator you can get a few … Continue reading

The Sound of Silence

Today, we were hit by a terrible turn of events.  No, our bus did not break down in zed-infested territory nor were we waylaid by cannibals. It was something so much worse: the CD player in the bus broke.  We did not have a huge collection of CDs but was better than a bus full … Continue reading

Mr. K’s Top 12 Late Night Sing-Along Songs

The only thing missing from Mrs. K’s excellent guide to cocktail parties is the grand tradition of drunken sing-alongs.  Below I, Mr. K, have compiled a dozen of our favorite songs to belt out at the end of the night: Is That All There Is? by Peggy Lee Waiting For the End of the World by … Continue reading

Strange Brew and Sweet Wine: Cocktail Parties for the New Age

We have covered tea parties, holidays and birthdays but so far we have neglected perhaps the most important social gathering of the post-apocalypse: the cocktail party.  In a world full of zeds, rabid dogs, cannibals and Miss Petersen, who doesn’t need a drink sometimes? Of course, hard alcohol is a bit more difficult to make than wines and … Continue reading

Ask the Gracious Ladies: Thanksgiving Edition

Dear Miss E. and Mrs K., Thanksgiving is only a week away and I’ve never dressed a turkey, let alone decorated for a post-zombie world holiday.  Can you offer some advice for how to find, kill, and prepare a bird for dinner?  Are there acceptable substitutes?  Any other suggestions for a festive meal, centerpieces, and … Continue reading