Mrs. K’s Guide to Dinner Party Etiquette

We have just returned from our first dinner party with our new survivor group. The head of the homeowner’s association, Mrs. Glenn, had us and a few of the neighbors over for dinner. It was such a lovely evening getting to know our new suburban community (even if the potatoes were a little overcooked). It … Continue reading

Ask the Gracious Ladies: How to Siphon Gas like a Lady

Dear Gracious Ladies, Thank you two so much for your invaluable advice to navigating the complexities of the post-apocalyptic life with poise and elegance. I have a particularly tricky question for you. How do I siphon gas like a lady? So often I get gas in my mouth, making my breath less than kissing-sweet. Can … Continue reading

Funeral Etiquette for a Zombie World

Mr. Young Sr. has finally kicked the bucket and died this morning of black lung at the ripe old age of 68. While I can’t pretend I really enjoyed his endless mining stories, I do have a lot of respect for his persistence. He is the oldest person in our colony—possibly the oldest living person … Continue reading

So Sorry, So Sweet

Here’s my recipe for apology cookies.  Miss E is starting to come around and I credit at least 60% of my success to these sweet little treats. Makes 3-4 dozen  Ingredients: 1 cup butter, softened 1 cup white sugar 1 cup packed brown sugar (You can substitute white sugar mixed with a little molasses if … Continue reading

The Art of the Apology

Miss E has expressed already her feelings on the outcome of our glitz pageant.  While I stand by the decision made by my fellow judges and me, I also recognize that I need to make amends.  Since the outcome was announced, Miss E has spent her days hunkered down in the barn.  Mrs. Federlin has … Continue reading

The Art of Polite Conversation by Miss E

As a (self-proclaimed) expert in the area of etiquette, I’ve been appalled at the recent decline in basic good manners. After all, just because we are living in a post-civilization world, doesn’t mean we are post-civility, now does it?* For this reason, I have created the following basic principles (“dos” and “don’ts”, if you will) … Continue reading

Ask the Gracious Ladies: Thanksgiving Edition

Dear Miss E. and Mrs K., Thanksgiving is only a week away and I’ve never dressed a turkey, let alone decorated for a post-zombie world holiday.  Can you offer some advice for how to find, kill, and prepare a bird for dinner?  Are there acceptable substitutes?  Any other suggestions for a festive meal, centerpieces, and … Continue reading