Miss E’s Handy Guide to Post-Apocalyptic Power Napping

  With all of those late nights running from zombies, worrying about cannibal attacks, and protecting your toilet paper stash from untrustworthy fellow survivors, it really is difficult to get a wink in, let alone a proper nine hours! Along with compassionate clinicians, children, and the elderly, those people who slept soundest were very early weeded … Continue reading

Eat Your Veggies: A Guide to Basement Gardening

As Mr. K and Miss E have already pointed out, we have managed to avoid the scourge of scurvy in our survivor group.  Additionally, we have avoided most other nutrition-related ailments in the past five years such as rickets. Part of our success has come from our cultivation of a well-tended basement garden. Outdoor gardens … Continue reading

Scurvy: The Acne of the Apocalypse

Scurvy used to be a scourge for sailors, pirates and basically anyone foolish enough to hang out in a boat without access to citrus fruits for any length of time. It has reappeared as a serious issue for many in our post-panic times due to the lack of fruits and vegetables in the average diet. … Continue reading

Miss E’s “Feelin’ Shitty” Chicken Soup Recipe

Over the past four days, nearly all of the adults in my survival shelter have come down with the flu save for Mr. Silver and myself. Since Mr. Silver is useless in everything that does not involve origami and/or tea drinking, this means that I’ve been the resident nurse while the colony recovers. Caretaking is … Continue reading