How to Ruin Valentine’s Day for Everyone Else: The Single Girl’s Guide

It is no secret to you, loyal readers, that Cupid has not been good to me. Two years ago I was engaged, only to have my marital dreams dashed.  My betrothed was attacked by a zombie while picking a valentine’s bouquet for me. Naturally, Valentine’s Day has become my least favorite holiday and a yearly … Continue reading

Ask the Gracious Ladies: The Trouble with Defense Harems

Dear Gracious Ladies, Ok, I’ll admit it, I can’t go it alone.  My plan was perfect: stay alone, stay mobile, stay alive.  But, it hasn’t worked.  I got weary of eating squirrel every night (although I believe my cholesterol is now completely under control!), and have since then considered recruiting up a couple men to … Continue reading

Ask the Gracious Ladies: Romance the New World

Hi Mrs. K and Miss E, What are some great dating ideas/suggestions?  Going to the movies, getting dinner at a nice restaurant, picnic in a park, etc. all seem like a luxury of the past.  What are some fun activities we can engage in as couples?Thank you!  Your handbook is awesome and I look forward … Continue reading