Post-Apocalyptic Raiding Is Easy as 1, 2, 3!

One of my areas of expertise is in raiding. Perhaps all the time I spent as a teenager shopping at the mall and silently sneaking in and out of my parents’ house has finally come in handy. Looting and raiding knowledge is a fantastic skillset that any survivor group will prize highly. While others may … Continue reading

Sartorial Survival: 2024 Winter Fashion Report

In 2024, practicality, luxury and killer curves are united in the modern woman’s winter wardrobe. Finally, a woman’s interest in making a fashion statement can also be her key to longevity! What is IN: Daring Defense Duds! Stiletto booties are not only trendy they can also double as a weapon! Be sure to place the point of … Continue reading

Mrs. K’s Three Easy Steps to a Well-Organized Arsenal

There is nothing worse when the moaning of an oncoming horde reaches your ears than running to your weapon supply room and finding your weapons thrown carelessly around without a thought to proper organization! A well-stocked and pre-arranged arsenal may mean life or death when the flesh-eating zombies are knocking at your door. And you’ll … Continue reading